This option was specially created for people who like a detective want to investigate, find out all the details, check everything and make decisions themselves.

Listed below are possible types of information that your virtual "girlfriend" could send you. Mark out the types of information that you actually have available and we provide you a selection of appropriate tools for investigation. These search tools can be used to check if photos, letters, documents, etc. were already used by scammers in the past. Also, you can (if you have email messages) to learn the real location of your "girlfriend".

Personal data. I know:

Her first and/or last name
Her age
Her email address
Her phone number
City/country where she claimed to be from
Her postal address
Website where she had profile


I have her photos


I have letters from her

Fake documents:

I have documents of her and/or other people

Media files:

I have her audio or video recording