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Before using this tool please read important information about it.

This tool uses a specialized image file exchangeable format which is able to specify the formats for the type of images, take audio files, ancillary tags and other image handling systems used by digital cameras. It can also be used with images picked up from scanners, iPhones and other types of smartphones.

Immediately you upload the photo, you are given the metadata in a variety of forms:

1. You will know the type of digital camera that captured the image, and actually see the name and model of the camera used.

2. The date and time that the photograph was taken is also available. Right there you can compare the details of the image with that of the woman you are communicating with on a dating website. Immediately, you are get the information of where the photo was taken, you can just ask her where and when she took the picture. From there you can then compare her answers with the facts gotten by the tool to know whether she is telling the truth.

3. If the image was manipulated in any way the software details will reveal it as well as the details of the software used to manipulate the photo.

4. You will also discover where the photo was taken. If the geographical location GPS function on the digital camera was turned "on" a detailed map of the exact location where the photo was taken will be available.

5. The photographer's name and any copyright notice. If the owner of the camera has adjusted the settings of his camera to provide this information, the owner's name and copyright information will be displayed in the metadata.

Upload a picture taken on a digital and GPS enabled device to receive its data as well as a map of the location the photo was taken at. We don't save details obtained and the photo is deleted prior to the output page loading.